The broad range of habitats in the vicinity of the Ridge makes this an exciting (and hitherto unexplored) venue for birders. There are freshwater wetlands, inter tidal sandbars and mud flats, mangroves, dune forests and scrub, grasslands and river estuary. On pelagic shoals spectacular concentrations of sea birds can be seen feeding.

Confirmed sightings so far:
Ruff; Whimbrel; Common Greenshank; Three Banded Plover; White Fronted Plover; Common Ringed Plover; Pacific Golden Plover; Marsh Sandpiper; White Breasted Cormorant; Reed Cormorant; Hamerkop; African Jacana; Grey Heron; Green Backed Heron; Purple Heron; Sacred Ibis; Red Billed Teal; White Faced Duck; Greater Flamingo; White Pelican; Grey Headed Gull; Cape Gannet; Swift Tern; Caspian Tern; Common Tern; Lesser Crested Tern; Rednecked Francolin; Crested Francolin; Harlequin Quail; Helmeted Guinea Fowl; Cape Turtle Dove; Emerald Spotted Wood Dove; Burchell's Coucal; Spottedbacked Weaver; Yellow Weaver; Yellow Fronted Canary; Broadbilled Roller; Striped Kingfisher; Pied Kingfisher; Brown Hooded Kingfisher; Woodland Kingfisher; Fierynecked Nightjar ; Spotted Eagle Owl; Grey Hornbill; White Helmetshrike; Black eyed Bulbul; Yellow Bellied Bulbul; Little Bee Eater; Olive Bee Eater; Pied Crow; Cattle Egret; Little Egret; Flappet Lark; Yellow Throated Longclaw; Yellow Billed Kite; Osprey; Lizard Buzzard; Purple Crested Turaco; Hoopoe; Scarlet Chested Sunbird; Black Crowned Tchagra; Bronze Mannikin; Arrow Marked Babbler; Red Shouldered Widowbird; House Sparrow; Yellow Rumped Tinkerbird; Brown Scrub Robin; Bearded Robin; Plum coloured Starling; White Browed Robin Chat; White Crowned Helmet Shrike.




A line of reefs running from Pomene Point in a northerly direction to Zambia Reef marks the edge of the continental shelf, beyond which the ocean floor falls away very rapidly. These reefs are all within easy boating distance of Pomene Ridge.

On a receding spring tide at dawn or dusk, excellent surf fishing can be had at the mouth of the estuary. Caranx Ignobilis can be taken in this way in November and December.

Pomene is one of the prime pelagic fishing venues on the Mozambique coast. Species frequently taken are King Mackerel, Queen Mackerel, Tuna (several species), Kingfish (several species) and Wahoo. However it is full of surprises. It is not unusual for 5 or 6 species to be caught on a morning's outing.

Sailfish are taken April through to June and Marlin may be caught from November through January. Best fishing Months are November to January and mid March through June. February tends to be oppressively hot and humid and windy conditions are encountered in August to mid October.

Assist us to preserve Pomene as a world class angling venue by limiting your catch to what you can eat during your stay. Catch and release whenever possible. It is illegal to export fish from Mozambique without a licence or to sell fish caught on holiday.

Diving & Snorkeling

Zambia South reef is a famous dive site as is Raapies Playstation. Bring your own equipment or visit the dive centre at Pomene Lodge across the estuary. Snorkelers, don’t miss the downed timber in the estuary where an impressive variety of reef dwellers can be seen. There is an accessible reef for snorkelling on the North Beach.


Take a boat ride or a fishing ski up the river into the mangroves or across the bay to the rocks at the point. Look out for the crabs – each habitat has its own species. Hike or cycle north along the beach or explore the back roads.

Mammal Spotting

Dolphin are frequent visitors to the estuary and whales can be seen in the bay from May through to November. Turtles are often spotted on the reefs. Dugong are occasionally seen.


For surfers there are lots of A frame beach breaks, rock and clay points along the coast at Pomene. The wave is fun and manoeuvrable.You will encounter lots of dolphins in the water and the beaches are deserted so it is great for exploring as well as awesome opportunities to get video or stills footage. The water is ALWAYS warm so bring board shorts. The best wave in the area is a right hander that runs for about 250 m in the bay just north of the old Pomene Hotel which is about 5 km south of Pomene Ridge. Pomene Ridge is way off the beaten track, lots of secret surf spots to be discovered along the kilometers of un-inhabited beach..


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